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The Legal Manufactory

Since 2012, I have been taking care of my clients’ concerns with integrity, passion and commitment. These values are the foundation of my work.

Talent is love for work.

For me, the profession of the lawyer is more than that. It is also a vocation I love, in the knowledge I’m helping people through challenging and stressful times.

A personal and attentive conversation is therefore my priority. Many of my clients come to me through a recommendation.  The individual approach to every request distinguishes my office, completely in the sense of a (legal) manufactory.

You’ll find your request is in good hands!  There are no small concerns or problems. Every case deserves a comprehensive evaluation.

I mostly look after medium-sized companies from various sectors. However, specialising in companies doesn’t mean that individual clients get a raw deal. Quite the opposite: in labour law it can be of enormous advantage that the legal advisor knows the thinking and interests of an employer and can use these for the employee.

During my many years of work as a lecturer and research assistant in federal politics, I gained valuable experience for my professional life and for dealing with people. Thanks to this work, reliability and effective communication are today an efficient tool in my work as a lawyer.

Do you need individual legal advice?

You’ll find your request is in good hands!  There are no small concerns or problems. Every case deserves an honest and comprehensive evaluation.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.


Main Task

Labour law

Labour law is one of the most important areas of my practice. I usually represent employers in the area of individual labour law. The advisory services include the activity in the pre-employment relationship, during an employment relationship and also upon termination.

Of course, my services are also aimed at employees. Good legal advice in every situation of the employment relationship helps to make good decisions.

fields of activity

  • Dismissals
  • Settlements
  • Settlement of interests
  • Social plans
  • Testimonials

Main Task

traffic law

You had a traffic accident and you are not sure whether the fast offer of the opposing insurance company is really the best option for you? Do you want to have the fine notice checked?

I offer a full service of traffic law mandates as well as a well thought-out consultation and assistance by competent motor vehicle experts.

fields of activity

  • Fine notice
  • Accident regulation
  • Insurance law
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation

Main Task

tenancy law

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, tenancy law is a ubiquitous field of law with numerous facets.  Tenancy law offers a multitude of constellations with consulting potential.

Here, too, it is important to know your rights.

If you have any legal questions in the field of tenancy law, my office will be glad to assist you.

fields of activity

  • Rental agreement
  • Termination of rental agreements
  • Modernizations
  • Personal requirement terminations

I’d be glad to help you further

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